Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10, 2012 Helen Ross McNabb Center Requests $148,000 from MUC for New Building

Helen Ross McNabb Center (HRM), a community mental health organization offering mental health, substance abuse, and social services, is asking the Morristown Utility Commission to provide $148,000 of funding toward lighting at a new building to be built by HRM.

If the request is granted, the money would come from MUC's "round-up" program where actual MUC bills are "rounded-up" to the next dollar and the money collected above the actual billing is put into a fund from which commissioners donate funds for qualified and approved community projects. 

[Your MUC bill is automatically rounded-up unless you opt out and ask to be billed only for the actual amount.]

Mike Fishman spoke to MUC Commissioners on June 28 to start the discussion:

Denise Terry Stapleton spoke of her involvement with HRM:

Helen Ross McNabb's Houston Smelcer spoke:

MUC Commissioner Lynn Elkins: "Addiction and mental illness is epidemic...Our workforce is going to suffer. Why provide services for surrounding counties?...If it weren't for the surrounding counties, we wouldn't have enough people to operate our plants now."

MUC took the request under advisement.

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