Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 18, 2012 McGuffin Thanks the Five Councilmembers Who Rejected Twenty-One Other People and Then Promptly Attacks Mayor

George McGuffin was re-appointed to the Morristown Utility Commission at yesterday's council meeting. No surprise there.

Afterwards, McGuffin strode to the podium to thank the five councilmembers who serially rejected twenty-one other candidates for the MUC post over the past year and who even changed state law to pave the way for McGuffin's re-appointment.  

[Ironically, the law that was changed for McGuff was an appointment process that MUC proposed and brought to the council in 2001. After the 2001 appointment process and other MUC changes were put on a referendum for a vote OF THE PEOPLE, MUC paid for signs and political ads in the local "news"paper supporting the MUC referendum question and asking voters to Vote FOR Private Act 2 which was the MUC Referendum Question.]

In his "acceptance speech," McGuffin bragged on MUC and then directed some very personal remarks to Mayor Danny Thomas who, McGuffin said, should be "ashamed" of changing his cable and internet from MUS FiberNet to a competitor. [With the vitriol shown by MUC toward the Mayor, it was probably prudent of the Mayor to move his personal email and internet from MUC to another provider.]

Sons Frank McGuffin and Patrick McGuffin, councilmember Bob Garrett, and fellow MUC Commissioner Lynn Elkins joined in a round of applause for McGuff's remarks.

Despite McGuff's personal remarks, Thomas made no comment. In fact, Thomas (in suit and tie) went to McGuffin to shake hands after the meeting adjourned. McGuffin (in the red shirt) barely shook hands before jerking his hand back and walking off to hug Kay Senter--one of the Five.

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