Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012 MUC Board Meets Today (VIDEO ADDED) To Select George McGuffin and Two Throw Away Nominees

The Morristown Utility Commission Board meets this morning at 8:00 AM to select its twenty-second list of three nominees for the MUC seat held by MUC Chairman George McGuffin.

The MUC Board is composed of George McGuffin, who has been on the Board for over 34 years, Harold Nichols, Gene Jolley, Lynn Elkins, and Max Biery. UPDATE: Only Harold Nichols, Lynn Elkins, and Max Biery showed up for the meeting.

Unless George McGuffin voluntarily steps aside after a year of fighting to stay on the Board and after state law was changed to ensure that he could continue at the helm of MUC, the list will be headed by George McGuffin with two throw-away names included simply because the list has to have two other people on it.

UPDATE: It's McGuffin, and the two throw away names are Jay Smith and Lloyd Etter.

Under the new McGuffin Law that applies only to Morristown and overturns the vote of the people in the 2001 referendum, this list will go directly to the city council tomorrow and the five councilmembers who created gridlock for the past year by blocking approval of 21 previous people will finally get to "officially" put George McGuffin back on the MUC throne.

The councilmembers who voted to change state law for McGuffin are Paul LeBel, Kay Senter, Bob Garrett, Claude Jinks, and Chris Bivens with a big assist from Sen. Steve Southerland and Rep. Don Miller who ushered the McGuffin Law through the state legislature and kept a tight lid on it all by refusing to let the people vote on the McGuffin Law in a referendum.

The seven don't want any pesky people voting again--why, that might open everything up to everyday people. They don't want that.

The list of 21 rejectees is here.

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