Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 17, 2011 LeBel, Garrett, Senter, and Bivens Pass Resolution To Stop Use of City Staff and City Resources for Department Evaluations by Mayor Thomas's Top Down Committee

Prior to yesterday's city council meeting, I posted the resolution that some councilmembers had requested in an attempt to prevent Mayor Danny Thomas's top down committee from using any city resources or staff time to evaluate city departments. Click here.

At yesterday's 5:00 meeting, Councilman LeBel took ownership of the resolution and Councilwoman Kay Senter  voiced her firm support.  The resolution passed 4-3 (LeBel, sidekick Garrett, Senter and Bivens: YES. Thomas, Brooks, and Jinks: NO)

When asked by Councilman Brooks if there were any problems with this type of restrictive resolution aimed at the Mayor, City Attorney Dick Jessee replied that the resolution was on a "fine line," but that it probably could withstand a legal challenge as drafted.

Before the vote was taken, Mayor Thomas stated that the top-down committee was inactive.

L-R: Gene Brooks, Bob Garrett, Claude Jinks, Mayor Danny Thomas, Chris Bivens, Paul LeBel, Kay Senter

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