Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 17, 2011 MUS Appointment (VIDEO): CPA Glenn Thompson Voted Down by City Council

George and Judy McGuffin showed up at yesterday's council meeting with the McGuffin flash mob  (employees, friends, and business associates).  The flash mob appeared to ensure that certain councilmen (Jinks and Bivens) voted against CPA Glenn Thompson's appointment to the Morristown Utility System (MUS) Board of Commissioners to replace George McGuffin.

The McGuffins want to prevent anyone--other than George McGuffin--from being appointed to the MUS Board. Yesterday, they were successful---for the second time.

Yessterday, Mayor Thomas renewed his nomination of Glenn Thompson to the MUS Board.  Councilman Bob Garrett, a former employee of MUS, made a motion to reject Thompson. Voting To Reject Thompson: LeBel, sidekick Garrett, Senter, Jinks, and Bivens.   Voting For Thompson: Brooks and Thomas.

The "only-George" group, led by LeBel, sidekick Garrett, and Kay Senter, and joined by recruits Jinks and Bivens is bent on preventing the appointment of anyone other than George McGuffin to the MUS Board. 

Now, some of the members of the "only George" group are toying with the idea of changing the City's Private Act on MUS. They want to alter the current process of Mayor's nomination (from a list submitted to him by MUS) and council's approval or disapproval.

Why does this group suddenly think that the current process of Mayor's nomination/council's approval needs to be changed?  Because they think that the only acceptable nominee that has been or will ever be sent to Mayor Thomas by MUS is George McGuffin and they are ticked off that Mayor Thomas has chosen other individuals.

Back in July, the Mayor nominated Mike Minnich who was on the MUS list.  He fell one vote short of election when Bivens abstained. Click here for that vote.

On August 2, the Mayor nominated Glenn Thompson, a local CPA, who was on the MUS list.  No vote was taken on Thompson on August 2. Click here.  Yesterday, Thompson came up for a vote and was voted down.

These five councilmembers apparently think that men such as Mike Minnich and Glenn Thompson are not good enough to serve on the MUS Board.  No one is good enough for these five except George McGuffin. The MUS Board must submit another list of three names to the Mayor within 14 days.

Some people have jokingly said that the next list of three will be George McGuffin, Frank McGuffin, and Patrick McGuffin.

[George McGuffin has already served on MUS for 30+ years. The five councilmembers apparently think McGuffin should have a lifetime appointment ---five years at a time].

It really looks like Warren Buffett or Bill Gates would be rejected by these five if the right calls were made by the right people--and the McGuffin flash mob showed up.

Sadly, Mr. McGuffin won't step aside graciously and acknowledge the great honor of having been allowed to serve for 30+ years on the Morristown Utility System Board.

Instead, McGuffin continues to pressure councilmembers and has his money/power friends inundate councilmembers with calls and appearances at council meetings as he desperately tries to get another 5-year appointment to keep anyone else from taking the "McGuffin" seat.

Money and power have a lot of influence. Money and power can change votes.

Very few people have the integrity and strength to withstand social, economic, and political pressure and  remain true to their core beliefs when it is so comfortable--and often very rewarding--to go along with the money and power group.

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