Thursday, August 04, 2011

August 4, 2011 "News"paper Puts Massey's Resignation Online 8 Hours After Blog Post

Yesterday morning, I mentioned Tommy Massey's resignation from Hamblen County Commission, 14th district. Click here. Massey had resigned several days before that, but the paper wasn't reporting it.

A little over 8 hours after my post went up, the Trib put out a short report in its online edition! Click here and you might catch the Trib's 5:39 PM article before they disable the link.

And today, you can look for this days old local "news" in the "news" section of the print edition.

Oddity: While the "news"paper wasn't able to run a "news" article about the resignation yesterday, it was able to run a paid public notice from the County about the resignation in the Classified section.

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