Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 16, 2011 MUC Board Appointment: LeBel Five Give "Thumbs Down" to Jerry Isaacs

The LeBel Five (Paul LeBel, Kay Senter, Bob Garrett, Chris Bivens, and Claude Jinks) did it again.

Yesterday, they rejected the Mayor's EIGHTH appointment to the MUC (Morristown Utilities Commission).

As soon as the Mayor nominated Jerry Isaacs, LeBel quickly moved to disapprove the appointment.

The vote to disapprove was 5-2 with the LeBel Five giving Isaacs the boot. Mayor Thomas and Gene Brooks supported Isaacs.

The Mayor has put forward EIGHT different names of candidates sent to him by MUC, and LeBel and company have shot down all EIGHT.

Gene Brooks raised questions about whether three of the candidates that MUC has sent to the Mayor have actually met the requirement set out in MUC's Private Act that an appointee can not currently hold a city office.

City Attorney Dick Jessee offered his opinion that Isaacs, who was appointed to the Morristown Housing Authority Board in 2009 by the previous Mayor, is "probably" OK.

When Brooks mentioned that another of the current names on the MUC list is Jack Kennerly and that Kennerly is on the Morristown Planning Commission, Jessee seemed surprised and said that would be a "closer" call. 

Jessee did not comment on John Allen whose name was sent to the Mayor several weeks ago my MUC and whose nomination by the Mayor, like that of Isaacs, was shot down by the LeBel Five. Allen serves on the Housing Board of Adjustments and Appeals.

Brooks wanted an opinion on whether MUC was sending names to the Mayor of persons who were not eligible to serve on the MUC Board.

Brooks then asked whether Jessee is wearing his "City attorney" hat or his "Morristown Utilities Commission attorney" hat when Jessee offers opinions on the actions of MUC. 

Brooks didn't even bring up the question of whether Jessee might also be wearing his "brother-in-law of MUC chairman George McGuffin" hat.

Jessee didn't say which hat he was wearing.

More to come in a separate post.

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