Wednesday, November 02, 2011

November 2, 2011 Bruce Sluder's Nomination to MUC Board Shot Down by LeBel Five

Mayor Thomas had barely finished his nomination of Bruce Sluder to the MUC (Morristown Utilities Commission) Board when Paul LeBel made a motion to disapprove.  

LeBel, Senter, Bivens, and Garrett  then promptly sent Bruce Sluder to the ever-growing MUC dustbin. [Councilman Claude Jinks, a member of the LeBel Five on this issue, was absent due to a fall earlier in the day.

Mayor Thomas and Councilman Brooks supported Sluder.

Sluder becomes the seventh person to be nominated by Mayor Thomas (from a list that MUC provides to the Mayor) and the seventh to be summarily rejected by city councilman/county commissioner Paul LeBel and sidekicks.

Why the serial rejections of local CPAs, presidents of companies, engineers, and businessmen whose names have been sent to the Mayor and Council by the Morristown Utilities Commission? They aren't George McGuffin. 

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