Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19, 2011 Morristown Utilities Commission Delays Nomination Process

In the continuing Morristown Utilities Commission (MUC) saga, MUC has chosen to wait until 4:00 PM on Tuesday, December 20, [one hour before the City Council meets on that same day] to meet and come up with a TENTH list of three names for a seat on the MUC Commission. 

MUC's TENTH list will then go to Mayor Thomas who selects one name and presents that name to the full council for approval or disapproval. On NINE previous occasions, Mayor Thomas' selection has been quickly rejected/ disapproved by council.

Since MUC knows full well that the City Council meets at 5 PM on December 20th, the date and time of the MUC meeting is no accident. Morristown Utility Commissioners know that if they vote on a list of three candidates at 4 PM, it may be hard to get the list typed up and to Mayor Thomas before council's 5 PM meeting on that same day. 

It looks like MUC is hoping that their last-minute vote on a list of three candidates for the MUC Board will make it difficult or impossible for the Mayor to make a nomination on December 20th--thus sparing a TENTH person from quick and automatic rejection/disapproval by the McGuffin-or-Bust group (Paul LeBel, Bob Garrett, Kay Senter, Claude Jinks, and Chris Bivens) at least until January's council meeting.

Just to make sure that no one else gets the "McGuffin" seat, the McGuffin-or-Bust group are planning to change the MUC appointment procedures and have asked local Rep. Don Miller and local Sen. Steve Southerland for help in getting the state legislature to make it where a vote of these FIVE councilmembers can change the current appointment process that was set up by the people in a 2001 REFERENDUM.  

It appears that Miller and Southerland have agreed to help the McGuffin-or-Bust group circumvent and cancel out the votes of the 3,202 people (72% of those casting ballots) who put the current appointment process in place with their votes FOR changes to the MUC Private Act in the 2001 referendum.

What's going on? 
Who is standing up TODAY for the 3,202 voters (72% of ballots) who cast their ballots for changes at MUC, including the current appointment process, in the 2001 MUC REFERENDUM?
Who is standing up TODAY to preserve the integrity of the 2001 MUC REFERENDUM and to make sure that any change to what the overwhelming majority of voters approved in 2001 is only made by a REFERENDUM in 2012?
You often hear people say my one vote doesn't count. Others say it doesn't matter what/who I vote for, they (politicians) are going to do whatever they want to do.

The McGuffin-or-Bust group and George McGuffin have no regard or respect for the 3,202 individuals who voted FOR changes to the MUC Private Act in 2001, including the current MUC appointment process.

The McGuffin-or-Bust group and George McGuffin are willing to cancel not just one vote but 3,202 votes to keep McGuffin in control of MUC.

The McGuffin-or-Bust group and George McGuffin are clearly going to do whatever it takes to keep George McGuffin in control at MUC.

Why doesn't Council just let changes go to a referendum like they did in 2001 and let this be handled the right way--by the people?

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