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December 4, 2011 Sheriff Terminates Lynn Wolfe; Wolfe Files Grievance with Civil Service Board

Lynn Wolfe, former Hamblen County Chief Detective (under Sheriff Otto Purkey) and later jailer Lynn Wolfe (under Otto Purkey and under Sheriff Esco Jarnagin), is making news again.

Wolfe, who had been working as a corrections officer at the jail, was terminated and has filed a grievance with the Civil Service Board to be heard in early January 2012

Most local people know of the Wolfe saga. Wolfe worked at the HCSD. In 1998, newly-elected Sheriff Otto Purkey, a relative of Wolfe, promoted Wolfe to Chief Detective.

In December 2000, Wolfe wrecked a county cruiser in a one-vehicle wreck. Wolfe blamed the wreck on winter weather. Blood alcohol levels, however, were reportedly more than twice the legal limit. Wolfe pleaded guilty to the DWI and resigned after negotiating a nice severance package with his relative County Mayor David Purkey.
A few years later, Wolfe was hired back as a corrections officer by relative Otto Purkey.  When  current Sheriff Esco Jarnagin defeated Otto in 2006, Wolfe was kept on as a corrections officer but was never promoted to patrol/road work despite Wolfe's burning desire to get back behind the wheel of a county vehicle.

Eventually, Wolfe sued Jarnagin. Click here. Jarnagin eventually prevailed and let Wolfe continue to work in the jail, but refused to put Wolfe behind the wheel of a county cruiser.

After the 2000 wreck, the County sued Wolfe.  County attorney Rusty Cantwell and Wolfe's attorney worked out an agreement where the cruiser was valued at $6,250 and Wolfe was to "work off" the $6,250 debt by "working" for the county at $6/hour.

So where and how did Wolfe end up "working off" his debt? Well, Wolfe was assigned to work for the county maintenance department that just happened to be headed by his father Harold Wolfe

In claiming that he had "worked off" the debt, Lynn took some timesheets, signed his name on each line, listed a bunch of dates, but did not show even one hour worked on any date listed. Wolfe's timeless timesheets were signed by Gary Templin, who was an assistant to Lynn's father Harold, as proof of hours worked to pay the debt.

Only in the world of Hamblen County Government could timesheets with not one hour of time on them be used as proof of payment of a $6K+ debt.  All the timesheets show is that Lynn signed them, put some dates down, and got his father's assistant to sign off on it, with no questions asked.

Then Lynn turned in his timeless timesheets to County Mayor David Purkey, another relative, with no questions asked!

It sort of looked like Lynn knew all along that he could turn in blank timesheets--to his relatives--and get away with it--no questions asked.

Click here to see the "time"sheets and a summary of what went on.

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