Thursday, December 08, 2011

December 8, 2011 LeBel Five Reject Mayor Thomas' Ninth MUC Nominee Gene Lynch

Paul LeBel made the motion to reject Gene Lynch. Bob Garrett seconded the motion. The remaining members of the LeBel Five (Kay Senter, Chris Bivens, and Claude Jinks) then voted for the rejection.

In just a few short minutes, Paul LeBel and sidekicks rejected the ninth person (Gene Lynch) submitted by the Mayor for appointment to the Morristown Utilities Commission.

Nine times Mayor Thomas has selected a person as his nominee for the MUC, and nine times LeBel and sidekicks have said NOOOOO.

LeBel. Angry. Bob Garrett.  Bitter. Senter, Bivens, Jinks--gladly serving ONE person (George McGuffin) who has a burning desire to stay on the MUC Board and rejecting EVERY other person.

For those keeping score, these are the NINE people rejected so far: Mike Minnich, Glenn Thompson, Carroll Fowler, Wally Long, John Allen, Mike Davidson, Bruce Sluder, Jerry Isaacs, and now Gene Lynch.

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