Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 15, 2013 Council's Deliberations in Hurley Hearing

After 3-1/2 days of testimony and introduction of numerous emails in connection with the development of the Eddie Hurley property at the intersection of Panther Creek Road and West A.J. Hwy, council voted 6-1 to waive all fines levied against Mr. Hurley by the City.

Mayor Thomas, Gene Brooks, Dennis Alvis, Chris Bivens, Paul LeBel, and Kay Senter voted to waive the fines. Bob Garrett voted "no."

During the hearings, Hurley's attorney Link Gibbons introduced several emails between City Administrator Tony Cox and Councilman Paul LeBel regarding the Hurley property. Hurley's attorney alleged that LeBel, a broker with strong ties to other developers, had a conflict of interest because LeBel was pushing for action against developer Hurley while LeBel was not pushing for action on City violations against the Berkline property where LeBel was the broker.

Because of LeBel's emails and "many" meetings with City Administrator Tony Cox regarding the Hurley property, LeBel was asked several times to recuse himself from the deliberations. He repeatedly refused. Videos of LeBel's testimony will follow, but for now here are videos of the January 10th deliberations and vote.

Brooks and LeBel:

Alvis and Bivens:

LeBel and Senter and Thomas:

Mayor Thomas:

Mayor Thomas and the Vote:

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