Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 20, 2013 Tony Cox Testifies That Councilman/Real Estate Agent Paul LeBel Met with Tony "Many" Times To Discuss Problems and City Actiona against Developer Eddie Hurley

The administrative hearing before City Council in late Decenber concluded on January 10th with the City Council voting 6-1 to waive all fines and penalties against Eddie Hurley.

The deliberations were covered in a previous post with videos of council's discussion. Here.

Paul LeBel's name came up repeatedly during the hearing with accusations that he was using his position as a councilmember to hurt a competing developer Eddie Hurley while at the same time he was appearing in meetings with City staff assisting his developer/clients.

LeBel sent and received several emails to and from City Administrator Tony Cox prior to the City's initial imposition of stiff fines and penalties on Eddie Hurley and his Panther Creek/West A.J. development.

Two very short videos of Tony Cox and LeBel testifying in the Administrative Hearing are posted today along with one interesting email exchange between City Administrator Tony Cox to Councilman/real estate agent Paul LeBel . You can click on the email to enlarge and read it. Click on the play button to see the videos.

First video, Tony Cox on "many" meetings in "many" locations with LeBel comparing "notes" in regard to the Hurley development.
Second video. Paul LeBel is called to testify and refuses to answer questions about his real estate interests that might reveal conflicts of interest where one of his clients may have been attempting to locate a Weigel's on property where LeBel was the broker while a competing developer (Eddie Hurley) was seeking to locate a Weigel's at a competing location (Panther Creek Road) where LeBel was not the real estate broker...


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