Monday, January 07, 2013

January 7, 2013 Chancellor Lets Pigeon Forge Pro-Liquor Group in on Election Contest

At a court hearing last week, Sevier Chancellor Telford Forgety ruled that the pro liquor-by-the-drink group "Forging Ahead" may intervene and participate in the election contest regarding the Pigeon Forge LBTD referendum held on November 6.

LBTD passed by 100 votes in the referendum, but it is alleged that around 300 "illegal" or "improper" votes were cast in the election.  The anti-liquor group maintains that 300 "illegal" votes were cast and the pro-liquor group prefers to call the extra votes "improper."

Hopefully, both groups are concerned about that close to 300 illegal/improper votes were cast and counted in a referendum election that was decided by a mere 100 votes.

Election contests can be difficult for all parties. If Chancellor Forgety does not dismiss the case for lack of standing on the part of the Plaintiff Concerned Churches and Citizens of Pigeon Forge,  this election contest will begin on Thursday, January 10, and will likely continue on January 11.

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