Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 30, 2013 More LeBel Testimony in Hurley Hearing: Unrevealed Conflicts and Hillbilly's Cabin

A little more video of the testimony of Real Estate Agent/Councilman Paul LeBel at the Administrative Hearing concerning fines and penalties levied by the City against developer Eddie Hurley. The City Council which was the "jury" in the hearing eventually voted 6-1 to waive all fines and penalties and move on. Video is here.
In a previous post, there is also a video of LeBel refusing to answer questions about his actions and possible conflicts of interest involving commercial property such as the old Berkline site where he was the real estate broker/agent and the competing commercial developments of Mr. Hurley. That video is here.
During later testimony, Attorney Link Gibbons asked LeBel about his abstention from voting on the Bojangles rezoning. LeBel stated there was a conflict in that situation and that he abstained because he was involved in the sale of the Bojangles property to Don Bunch at auction.
Gibbons then asked if there were "other" conflicts in that transaction which LeBel did not announce. LeBel's interesting response is in this video: 

And if you want up-to-date medical news, sit with LeBel and his special friend Doe Jarvis at lunch at Hillbilly's Cabin.

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